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Europt(r)ode is a non-for-profit organization with world coverage (yet of European origin) devoted to stimulate and spread the interest of the scientific and technical community, as well as the general public, for the research, development and applications for the welfare of society, of optical chemical sensors and biosensors.

Europt(r)ode is a multidisciplinary group formed by chemists, physicists, engineers, biologists, technologists and many other professionals worldwide; from academia, research institutes and industries alike; from the different areas that encompass such exciting field, namely (but not limited to):

  • Molecular engineering of indicator dyes
  • Spectroscopy, photochemistry and photophysics
  • Photonic materials and waveguides
  • Opto-electronic instrumentation
  • (Bio)Molecular recognition
  • Integrated optics, arrays and components
  • Nano-technology and micro-systems for optical sensing
  • Environmental monitoring, process analysis, food quality and biomedical diagnostics